Red Horn Kratom, Effects & Dosage

Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree located in Southeast Asia. Opioid like and stimulating in nature.

As most Kratom users know, every strain maintains different properties and invokes different responses for those who utilize them. It’s also very important to realize that each and every strain uses different doses in order to get what may be similar desired effects. Some strains create a powerful effect with a very low dose while others may provide an effect of equal magnitude with a much more powerful dose.

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In regards to Red Horn Kratom, the strain is known for its healing power rather than a hardcore stimulant. This is often why it maintains such a high market and medicinal value.

Although the typical results of Red Horn aren’t necessarily euphoric, you can still achieve that euphoria by taking a massive dose. Nine grams or so. Please keep in mind that this large a dose is much higher than the standard dose for this strain.

Commonly reported symptoms or results include things like a boost in overall body energy, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, uplifted moods, and of course a lack of bodily pain.

As for dosage, if you’re a newcomer and do not have much experience with any strain at all, do not take above a gram. For most people, a gram is definitely enough to experience the desired effect. Overall, it is recommended that you take no more than three grams, as too much may cause an undesired and distasteful effect.

For severe pain, it is recommended to take a dose closer to three grams rather than the typical one gram. Do make sure to work up to three grams rather than just take it off the line with no previous experience.

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Interesting enough to note, many users who take upwards of three grams do not feel euphoria the same day as taking it. They often say the euphoric feelings reach them the next morning and last for the majority of the day.

In order to reach the euphoric level, which of course will reach you on the following morning, you will need to take anywhere from four to six grams. The majority of people find that that dosage is suitable when it comes to surpassing the pain killer effects to reach the pleasure sensations.

If you or a family member are considering starting Kratom, please discuss any and all ideas with your doctor or general practician before doing anything in regards to Kratom. As with anything that alters the regular functioning of your body, it is always important to be proactive and reduce the risk of harm rather than be reactive and try to deal with the harm provided by an impatient decision.